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The following FAQ has been responded to by Professor Sinerik Ayrapetyan, Dean, Department of Biophysics, Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center

Head of Research and Educational Council, Head of UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences. 



Who will award the degree?


The degree is awarded by the Armenian government along with a certification on having completed the course within UNESCO/UNITWIN Network. All the process of education and examination and dissertation defence will be conducted according to the educational program of New York State University at Albany, U.S.A and Southampton University,U.K . At present we are working through UNESCO National Commission in Armenia and the National Commissions of participant institutions to promote the recognition of our Centre worldwide. Armenian PhD degree in Biophysics and Life Sciences is recognized in USA and European countries. A large number of our students are pursuing their careers in these countries.


Will all students that clear the interview conducted by INPER Delhi  be directly admitted to the PhD program or will they have to take another enterance test in Armenia?


The students who will be examined by INPER  and recommended for admission to Ph.D. will not have another entrance test in Armenia.

Yes, INPER's recommendation will be final for admitting the student to the program without any additional test.


Grants available to students?


The successful students recommended by INPER will be involved in the International grants of the Centre and will be paid a salary. The amount of the salary will depend on the grants provided. As Armenia is now an associate member of EU we can participate in Horizon2020 projects. At present we are collaborating with Italian and Austrian Universities.

Detailed information on the educational program on biophysics can be found by clicking on this link.


Fee structure, living expenses, role of home Institution, etc.?


Each student would pay 5000 US$ per year for being enrolled in the educational program of the Network. This does not include the living expenses. The living expenses will be covered by themselves. Assistance can be provided in identifying accommodation There are  a  number of Indian students in Armenia studying in Medical University of Armenia and other Universities.

If the student wants to receive some of the credits in other Universities of the Network, The Centre will apply to these Universities and clarify the travelling and the living expenses, which would be paid by the student. In this case some part of the student fee which is paid to the Centre will be transferred to the host University.




30th May,2019

Interview Schedule :

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